Mirror neurons: Enigma of the metaphysical modular brain


Mirror neurons are central in our therapy method and in our theory. In addition, it is one of the research fields that comes with ever new discoveries, exciting and very useful to know something about. In our theory and method “Identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy (IoPT)” this is absolutely central knowledge.

Mirror neurons are one of the most important discoveries in the last decade of neuroscience. These are a variety of visuospatial neurons which indicate fundamentally about human social interaction. Essentially, mirror neurons respond to actions that we observe in others. The interesting part is that mirror neurons fire in the same way when we actually recreate that action ourselves. Apart from imitation, they are responsible for myriad of other sophisticated human behavior and thought processes. Defects in the mirror neuron system are being linked to disorders like autism. This review is a brief introduction to the neurons that shaped our civilization.

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