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IoPT Conference in Oslo

September 7-8, 2023

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When our life energy is linked to warmth of heart, we flourish. The exterior fades and allows for true presence

- Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert -

IoPT Conference Prof. Dr. Ruppert May 11 and 12

We are happy to agin be able to invite to IoPT conference at House og Literature in Oslo, Norway.

Franz Ruppert will present a lecture from his latest findings in his research. He will facilitate selfencounters, also as supervision for Traumatherapists and others working with vulnerable people in their profession. The invitation to get your own self encounter, by lottery, is for everyone attending the conference. In addition to selfencounters Franz and Marta will ask questions and open for reflections. 

The conference is in easy-to-understand English.

Time: May 11 and 12  – 09.00AM – 04.30PM both days. Norwegian time zone

Venue: House of Litteratur, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo


Franz Ruppert

Dr. Ruppert is internationally recognized for elucidating difficult topics with refreshing clarity and for his creative approaches in working with people and understanding ourselves. Now he wants to shed light on his ground-breaking self-developed trauma theory – Identity-oriented Psychotrauma theory and – therapy, as well as the latest developments within IoPT.

Own identity

Franz Ruppert will talk on why the search for one’s own identity is so important – especially in insecure times. The question: “Who am I really?” brings people into direct contact with unprocessed trauma. To get closer to this inner truth, a basic knowledge of what a healthy psyche consists of is needed.

This also makes it clear how a lot of people are traumatized and how they defend themselves against self-knowledge by mostly dealing with what is outside themselves and thus get lost in talking and fighting.

In other words, when one lives according to an unconscious survival strategy one becomes more and more entangled in other people and their stories which simply repeats the past instead of healing it. It is about feeling one’s own wounds and no longer unconsciously holding back, because one’s own truth will be lived.


Short presenting of Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and other speakers & topics

Prof Dr Franz Ruppert:

Franz Ruppert is a professor in psychology at the Univerisity for applied science in Munich and an internationally renowned speaker and researcher of trauma. He has during the last 30 years developed the theory of Identity oriented Psychotraumatheori, and the practical method of IoPT – the Intention Method.

IoPT Conference

7-8 September 2023 in Oslo


It is not possible to register for this IoPT Conference. Stay tuned for the next one!

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