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Oslo, November 24th, 2017:

Illness and health in a toxic society

In this talk Dr Gabor Maté draws on and weaves together cutting edge science and real life stories within the topics of:

When the body says no
The biology of loss

Only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see the truth. Compassion for the fact that we`re unconscious, that unconsciousness is a response because it was too painful to be conscious when we were young, not to blame ourselves for what we did as a result of that, but to be compassionate with ourselves, not to fault ourselves, what we did to ourselves and others, but to be curious to why we did it.
– Dr Gabor Maté



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Psychotrauma Biography and how to step out

IoPT and Intention Method
Oslo, November 25th 2017

The Human Psyche
Psychotrauma Biography
Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory (IoPT)
Intention Method

In this talk in Oslo Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert presents his Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory (IoPT) and shows his way to support regaining a healthy Identity.

For workshops and trainings within IoPT:
www.franz-ruppert.de                       www.iopt.no

+ 47 91667211
mail: marta@iopt.no

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