International advanced training in Oslo with Marta Thorsheim

– LEVEL 3 –

Professional update according to Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert’s latest theory and method development, for Trauma Therapists IoPT with their own practice.

Level 3 – International advanced training IoPT

in Oslo with Marta Thorsheim

Small group – weekdays – max 15 participants. August 2020 – 2021. 5 modules of 3 days each.

Dates Oslo:
2020: August 18 – 20/ November 24 – 26
2021: March 16 – 18/ August 17 – 19/ November 23 – 25

Practical information(pdf)

The seminar is intended for you who work as a Trauma Therapist IoPT and want to follow the development of the Intention method with further specialisation in Psychotrauma theory.

The aim of the training is to give an update on Prof. Dr. Ruppert’s theory and method, and each participant gets their own identity constellation each time.

The seminar is in line with the international advanced training in Munich.

The main topics of the seminar

  • The Human Psyche in a living organism and what Psychotrauma means
    Definition of the basic concept, the function of the psyche, the psyche as a four-generation system, the context of the psyche as an interwoven part of the psychosomatic network. IoPT as a method of highlighting survival structures, engaging in compassionate contact with trauma parts and strengthening healthy parts of the I and the will function.
  • Identity, Identification and Attributions and The Trauma of Identity
    The development of identity, the development of I, the Self and the Will.
  • Love, Bonding  and The trauma of Love
    What is love? How to receive and give love without losing touch with healthy self and will. What is bonding? Different bonding patterns and how they have manifested themselves.
  • Sexuality and The Trauma of Sexuality
    What is sexuality? Sexual abuse of children, youth and incest, its consequences, prevention and healing.
  • Victims and Perpetrators and victim-perpetrator entanglements
    Definition of victim and perpetrator, to be a victim and victim attitudes, to be a perpetrator and perpetrator attitudes, how protecting the perpetrator makes one stuck in perpetrator dynamics, getting off track and lost as well as escapes from victim-perpetrator-splits.
  • Trauma of being a Perpetrator
    How do we end up as perpetrators to ourselves and others? And how we thus traumatise ourselves and others. Why lifelong “atonement” doesn’t help, and the way out.
  • Who am I in a traumatising society?
    How to keep in touch with a healthy self and a healthy will in a traumatising society.

Every emotions has a chemical correlate

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International Advanced Training IoPT Oslo

It’s a fixed group.

10 am – 6 pm first and second day, 10 am – 4 pm last day, with food break about 1 hour.

Seminar fee NOK 25,000 covers the course, lecture foils on e-mail, coffee/tea and some snacks. Each person must bring his or her own food.

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