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Seminar med Prof Dr Franz Ruppert

5-6 februar 2021

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Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk.

- Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert -

Seminar Ruppert

The seminar is closed to fully booked, booking stops Thursday 8 AM.

Next seminar with Dr Ruppert: 2022, January 21st &22nd will soon open for booking.

Dr. Ruppert er internasjonalt anerkjent for å belyse vanskelig tema med forfriskende klarhet og for sine kreative tilmæringer i å arbeide med mennesker og forstå oss selv. Nå vil han , i tillegg til sitt 2 dagers seminar med selv møter for deltagerne (velges ved trekning) innen IoPT – hans banebrytende egenutviklede traume terapi – Identitets orientert Psykotraumeteori og – terapi, belyse den siste utviklingen innen IoPT med temaene:

Seminaret er på lettfattelig engelsk.

In this seminar Franz Ruppert will give a lecture within:

«Angels or Monsters? A plea for a real humanism

Are we angels, connected with everyone on a higher level of consciousness or are we humans monsters that are in fight with everything and everyone?

In this lecture I will show, how we can integrate the insights of Spiritualismus (consciousness 1.0) and Materialism (consciousness 2.0) to really understand us human beings. This could be our platform for a life, that’s worth living.»

Franz Ruppert is known for his ability to shine a spotlight on difficult issues with refreshing clarity and for his creative approaches in working with people and understanding ourselves. Now, in addition to his 2 days workshop in IoPT – his own developed and groundbreaking therapy -he tackles topics as:

His workshop is for everyone – if you want to deepen your knowledge within IoPT – if you want to know more how we as human beings get wounded in relationships and how to heal. Knowledge is useful for all of us, mothers, fathers, partners, siblings…and therapists/counselors. Wounded as a child – and vulnerable as a teenager and grown-up – because time does not heal these deep scars – we carry them within us.

To understand – not only in our mind and intellect but with our bodies what it does to us to be wounded as children, the effect of woundedness, on our relationships, our health, our ability to receive and give love – and to our lust and sexuality. And, MOST IMPORTANT, how we can address our childhood scars and come back to wholeness, and how to be sensitive to our own children and partners – without losing ourselves.

«We all have to understand the highly complex victim-perpetrator dynamics within our own psyche, otherwise, we continue to be at the mercy of these dynamics. Only by understanding our own psyche can we break free from a society that continually traumatizes us, and start to develop constructive ways of living together «(Ruppert 2019). 

Franz Ruppert will do Selfmeetings for people from the audience – and everyone has the chance to be drawn for a Selfmeeting or to be invited as a resonator in others’ processes. The latter is also very meaningful.

Warmly welcome to 2-days with Dr Ruppert on digital platform.

5-6. Februar 2021:

Norwegian time sone

Friday 5th :9 AM (room opens at 8 AM)  till 6 PM, break, Lecture 7 PM – 8.30 PM

Saturday  6th : 9 AM (room opens at 8 AM) – 4 PM

Lunch break both days 1,5 hour around 1 PM

Link to the platform will be forwarded and if needed, we will guide you in logging in to the seminar.

Price: Nok 1,800.- ( ca euro 180,-)

Seminar Ruppert

Early Bird - 1800 NOK (180 EUR)

Seminaret er dessverre fullt. Fyll gjerne ut skjemaet nedenfor å bli kontaktet før neste Seminar.