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Seminar with Prof Dr Franz Ruppert

in Oslo September 18-19, 2020

Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk.

- Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert -

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert i Oslo

Dr. Ruppert er kjent for å belyse vanskelig tema med forfriskende klarhet og for sine kreative tilmæringer i å arbeide med mennesker og forstå oss selv. Nå vil han , i tillegg til sitt 2 dagers seminar innen IoPT – hans banebrytende egenutviklede traume terapi – Identitets orientert psykotraumeteori og – terapi, belyse et vanlig og ofte oversett tema: sammenhengen mellom kjærlighet, lyst og traumer.
Seminaret er på lettfattelig engelsk.

Experience Identity Constellations

using the Intention Method with Dr Franz Ruppert

The Trauma of Identity underlies our ability to be inn healthy relationship, to succeed in life, to be happy and healthy. The Intention Method enhances your health and wholeness, creating a safe framework within which you can process traumas from all periodes of life.

Franz Ruppert is known for his ability to shine a spotlight on difficult issues with refreshing clarity and for his creative approaches in working with people and understanding ourselves. Now, in addition to his 2 days workshop in IoPT – his own developed and groundbreaking therapy -he tackles a common topic, often overlooked: the relationship between love, lust and trauma.

His workshop is for everyone – if you want to deepen your knowledge within IoPT – if you want to know more how we as human beings get wounded in relationships and how to heal. Knowledge useful for all of us, mothers, fathers, partners, siblings…and therapists/counsellors. Wounded as a child – and vulnerable as teenager and grown up – because time does not heal these deep scares – we carry them within us.

To understand – not only in our mind and intellect, but with our bodies what it does to us to be wounded as children, the effect of woundedness, on our relationships, our health, our ability to receive and give love – and to our lust and sexuality. And, MOST IMPORTANT, how we can address our childhood scars and come back to wholeness, and how to be sensitive to our own children and partners – without loosing ourselves.

Sexuality has many biological, psychological, sociological and political dimensions. Sexuality is not only of significance to all of us as individuals, and to our intimate relationships; the forms of reproduction and the way the sexes relate to each other create the bedrock of all our social interactions. Sexuality ultimately determines world politics.

I wrote this book because sexual psychotrauma is a common theme in my psychotherapy practice. Many people are desperately searching for solutions to their experience of this highly taboo and shameful topic. Meanwhile I have the theoretical understanding that can explain the reasons for sexual trauma, and I have developed a practical method for therapy which can support people to look at this issue.

My appeal to the public is to take the phenomenon of sexual psychotrauma more seriously. In my opinion, it is not helpful to continue working with vague concepts such as ‘abuse’ or ‘sexual violence’. If we do, we will just continue to stumble around blindly with a layman’s understanding of what is happening, moralising excessively, and exhausting ourselves managing the increasing mountain of symptoms rather than seeing the true causes. If we continue like this, we do not do justice to the victims of psychotrauma, nor do we ever come to understand the perpetrators, in order to break the cycle of their endless and senseless actions.

We all have to understand the highly complex victim-perpetrator dynamics within our own psyche, otherwise we continue to be at the mercy of these dynamics. Only by understanding our own psyche can we break free from a society that continually traumatises us, and start to develop constructive ways of living together (Ruppert 2019). Our sexuality holds tremendous creative potential. When we begin to embody our sexuality in a way that is less burdened by psychotrauma, this potential can give us, and others, much mutual pleasure and delight.

Franz Ruppert will do processes for people from the audience – and everyone has the chance to be drawn, for a process or to be invited as resonator in others’ processes. The latter is also very learningfull. The best way to get to understand what childhood wounds mean in our body and soul.

Warmly welcome to 2-days with Dr Ruppert in Oslo – information to follow.

Friday September 18: 9 AM till 6 PM, break, Lecture 7 PM – 8.30 PM
Saturday September 19: 9 AM – 4 PM

Lunch break both days 1,5 hour around 1 PM

The lecture: Love, Lust, Trauma is included.

Price: Nok 3,600.- ( ca euro 360,-)

Students Institute for Traumawork Nok 2,900,- (ca euro 290,-)


Accomodation: good, not expensive hotel, value for money:

FromNok 650/euro 65 per night;  breakfast included:

from Nok 650/euro 65

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert i Oslo, 18. - 19. september, 2020

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