Workshop: Neuroscience and IoPT- Intention method

– How and Why does IoPT with the Intention method work?

May 1st  10 am – 4 pm at our venue Schafteloekken 1, Frogner Oslo


Many people have experienced healing and personal transformation as a result of IoPT and the Intention method. So, How and Why can this method of therapy have such a profound effect?

This 1 day workshop will explore the neuroscience of both Trauma and the Recovery Process using IoPT Intention Therapy.

How is our neurobiology impacted by trauma?

How is IoPT with Intention method able to access trauma imprints?

Why is IoPT with Intention method effective?

These and many more questions will be explored during the workshop.

The workshop will be facilitated by Alexandra Smith, an IoPT Psychotrauma therapist working in UK.
Alexandra has specialised in the neuroscience and limbic resonance of IoPT and will present a workshop at the 4th International IoPT Congress in October 2018.

You can read more about Alexandra at her website here.

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Zahlkasserer Schafts Plass 1, 0267 Oslo