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IoPT Norway

Institute for Trauma Work

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I highly recommend Marta’s IoPT seminar to everyone and especially to counselors, therapists and all those working in health care.

- Dr. Gabor Maté -

About us

We offer trauma therapy and training programs based on Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert’s – Identity oriented Psycho trauma theory and – therapy- IoPT.

Institute for Trauma work is a private institute. We offer Trauma Therapy and Trainings on level 1 – 3, including supervision trainings and Franz Ruppert’s international advanced training (level 3).

Our seminar are for everyone who wants self development and growth, also for therapists, social workers and other professionals.

All our therapist are trained within IoPT and has many years of experience within Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert’s work.

Training therapists

Marta Thorsheim 235x315

Marta Thorsheim

  • Founder of IoPT Norway; Traumatherapist IoPT (DGfS/MNKf)
  • Offers lectures, workshops and trainings in Norway and internationally.
  • Is one of the co-authors of two of Dr Ruppert’s books.
  • Has sponsored and co-translated the award winning documentary In Utero.
  • Is in close contact with Prof Dr Franz Ruppert and Dr Gabor Maté
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Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

  • Professor in psychology at the University for Applied Science in Munich, Germany.
  • The founder of Identity oriented Psycho Trauma Theory and Therapy and the Intention Method. His theories and practice are groundbreaking in understanding the connections within the Living Human Organism – LHO.
  • His work is published in ten books in many languages.
Sissel Bru Reksten

Sissel Bru Reksten - IoPT Trainer

  • Own practice as Trauma therapist IoPT. Counselor IoPT.
  • Office in Stavanger, IoPT Stavanger
  • Trained at the Institute of Trauma work (IT) 2013
  • Student International Advanced Training IoPT, Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and Marta Thorsheim.
  • Offers Basic IoPT training in Stavanger
  • Lectures on burnout; effects of prolonged stress and trauma.
  • Lecture for trauma-informing professionals assisting traumatized people in rehabilitation.

Former trainings and practice:

  • Bachelor in social work, 1999, UiS
  • Cand. Mag. in Organization and leadership, 2003, UiS
  • Master in Change Management, 2005, UiS
  • Work experience from private and public companies, including case manager in child welfare, project mngr in program for lowering absence in organizations, team- and discipline leader in rehabilitation company
Frig Valla

Frig Valla - IoPT Trainer

  • Organizing IoPT advanced training for the Institute
  • Registered Traume therapist IoPT , NTF
  • Office at IoPT Helgeland
  • Student IoPT International advanced training IoPT

Tidligere praksis og utdanning:

  • Gestalt therapist
  • Registered Traume therapist IoPT
  • Basic medicine
  • 30 years of experience as a thereapist
Ewelyn Hysing-Olsen

Ewelyn Hysing-Olsen - Assistant Trainer

  • Registered Traume therapist IoPT
  • Office at IoPT Vestland
  • Student IoPT International advanced training IoPT



Phone: +47 916 67 211


Schafteløkken, Zahlkasserer Schafts Plass 1,
0267 Oslo, entry from Solheimgata 1.
Bus/tram stop: "Frogner Plass".