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IoPT Conference in Oslo

September 7-8, 2023

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When our life energy is linked to warmth of heart, we flourish. The exterior fades and allows for true presence

- Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert -

Conference Prof. Dr. Ruppert and others

Fully booked. We are happy to invite you to our IoPTConference ,

IoPT in- and outside the Therapy room

Oslo, 7-8 September 2023

All speakers are pioneers in their field, and you will learn to know the work of:

Franz Ruppert/Vivian Brougthon/Cristina Archetti/Inga Marte Thorkildsen/Irene Standnes/May Sunita Berglie/Ellen Torp/Bjørn Reidar Brune

Registration deadline August 17., 2023.

Franz Ruppert

Dr. Ruppert is internationally recognized for elucidating difficult topics with refreshing clarity and for his creative approaches in working with people and understanding ourselves. Now he wants to shed light on his ground-breaking self-developed trauma theory – Identity-oriented Psychotrauma theory and – therapy, as well as the latest developments within IoPT.

Own identity

Franz Ruppert will talk on why the search for one’s own identity is so important – especially in insecure times. The question: “Who am I really?” brings people into direct contact with unprocessed trauma. To get closer to this inner truth, a basic knowledge of what a healthy psyche consists of is needed.

This also makes it clear how a lot of people are traumatized and how they defend themselves against self-knowledge by mostly dealing with what is outside themselves and thus get lost in talking and fighting.

In other words, when one lives according to an unconscious survival strategy one becomes more and more entangled in other people and their stories which simply repeats the past instead of healing it. It is about feeling one’s own wounds and no longer unconsciously holding back, because one’s own truth will be lived.

The conference is in easy-to-understand English.

Time: 7 September – 09.30 – 17.00/8 September – 09.00 – 16.30 Norwegian time zone

Venue: House of Litteratur, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo


09.30 – Welcome by Marta Thorsheim og Bjørn Reidar Brune

9.45 – 12.00 Dr Ruppert  “IoPT – Self Encounter and Intention Method” –

how valid is what we are doing in IoPT?

Theory and practical work

12.00-13.00 Iunch break and book signing by Dr Ruppert and Vivian Brougthon

in the book shop first floor

13.00- 14.30 Vivian Brougthon:

this presentation is based on essays from Vivian`s coming book: “You were just a child… Looking for Love”.

14.30 – 16.00 Irene Standnes : Domestic violence – why and how do

trauma victims turn into trauma-perpetrators?

16.00 – 16.30 Panel – questions and reflections


09.00 – 11.00 Inga Marte Thorkildsen : When the welfare system fails.

About why lack of trauma-informed welfare systems makes childhood go on

for generations – and what we can do about it.

11.00 – 12.30 Cristina Archetti : IoPT and infertility. Understanding

and healing the trauma of involuntary childlessness

12.30 – 13.30 lunch break and book signing Inga Marthe Thorkildsen

13.30 – 14.30 May Sunita Bergli : How to strengthen the mother-child

bond by using IoPT midwife competence

14.30  – 15.30 Ellen Torp og Bjørn Reidar Brune: IoPT in close connection with

children, youth and their significant others. Checklist of what always seems to work with traumatized children.

15.30 – 16.30 Panel . Questions and reflections

Short presenting of Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and other speakers & topics

Prof Dr Franz Ruppert:

Franz Ruppert is a professor in psychology at the Univerisity for applied science in Munich and an internationally renowned speaker and researcher of trauma. He has during the last 30 years developed the theory of Identity oriented Psychotraumatheori, and the practical method of IoPT – the Intention Method.

 „Selfencounter and Intention Method“ – how valid is what we are doing with IoPT?

The basic of IoPT

Vivian Broughton

Vivian Brougthon is an IoPT practitioner of some years’ experience. She has published three books on the topic, with a further book due for publication. Her main interest is in supporting student practitioners to improve their skills and knowledge of IoPT trauma theory, and in looking in detail at what it means to heal one’s trauma and live a good life.

this presentation is based on essays from Vivian´s coming book: ” You were just a child… Looking for Love”.

In this presentation I will discuss the pandemic nature of trauma, and its impact on our lives personally and collectively, even globally. The solution is for each person to look within and take their own trauma seriously, and I will cover what this means, and what we can anticipate as the solution to our personal trauma, and what that might mean for the collective. Each one of us, at the beginning of our creation, was just a child… looking for love, which for so many of us was not consistent or not available at all.

Cristina Archetti

Cristina Archetti is Professor in Political Communication and Journalism at the University of Oslo. A researcher, teacher and mentor by training, she qualified as IoPT therapist in 2023. Her mission is to conduct research that makes a positive difference to the world we live in and to help people develop into all they can be.

“IoPT and infertility:

Understanding and healing the trauma of involuntary childlessness”

 Infertility, to those who are affected by it, is much more than a medical issue and whether one manages (or not) to have a child: It is a cataclysm on one’s whole life. This presentation makes the point that there is an urgent need to approach infertility as trauma both conceptually and from the perspective of therapeutic practice. IoPT, in particular, can help us understand where infertility fits within a person’s traumabiography, both as a traumatizing experience in itself and connected to previous traumas. The “intention method,” in addition, supports healing and coming to terms with the perspective of a life without children.

Inga Marte Thorkildsen

Inga Marte Thorkildsen is a former Norwegian parliamentarian, vice mayor and minister. She is a writer and podcast producer. For more than 25 years she has been advocating for children’s human rights and the need for trauma informed welfare systems.

When the welfare systems

About why lack of trauma-informed welfare systems makes the childhood go on for generations – and what we can do about it.

Irene Standnes

She is also a lawyer with former positions as Chief Municipal Executive, Official and Political Adviser.

Domestic Violence – why and how do trauma-victims turn into trauma-perpetrators?

IoPT: Victim-Perpetrator-dynamic in a Traumatised and Traumatising Society.

Irene Standnes is an advocate for a Trauma-informed Society. She has a private practice as Supervisor and Traumatherapist IoPT, teaching IoPT at the Institute for Traumawork in Norway, in addition to former member of the Professional-Ethical Board of the Association for Traumatherapists IoPT.

May Sunita Bergli

May Sunita Bergli have been working the last decade as a midwife in dep. of maternity ward. Since August-22 I started my company IoPT Midwife May Sunita where I combine IoPT with my midwifery competence to strengthen the mother and child relationship.

May Sunita Bergli will talk about implementing IoPT with her midwifery competence to strengthen the mother and child relationship by given examples from her work.

She will also  to talk a bit what have made her a good IoPT Midwife and the importance of her work.

Ellen Torp

Ellen Torp is an educator with further education in organizational development and change management. She has worked with children and youth and their close caregivers throughout her professional career. She has done this in roles such as a milieu therapist in a 24-hour

shift, a teacher in primary school, a department head, a principal, and a leader of an interdisciplinary team. She is now a member of the Chief of Education’s staff in Randaberg municipality and also runs her own practice as an IOPT Trauma Therapist and is the leader of the Ethics Council in the Norwegian Trauma Therapist Association.

Bjørn Reidar Brune

Bjørn Reidar Brune is an educator with further education in communication and change processes and an IoPT trauma therapist. He has worked as a teacher and milieu therapist at various levels in Norwegian primary schools, as a milieu therapist in a co-living shift at an institution for adult substance abuse treatment, and as an IoPT trauma therapist in his own therapy practice. In addition to his daily work in the Chief of Education’s staff in Randaberg municipality, he is currently the leader of the Norwegian Trauma Therapist Association (NTF).

We become who we are through encounters with others

Ellen and Bjørn Reidar take us on their personal and professional transformative journey. We get insight into how IOPT theory and therapy have changed their approach to working with children, youth, and their significant others. We also receive a concrete and useful checklist of what always seems to work for and with traumatized children. A review of the essential and simple ingredients needed to create healthier growth and developmental conditions for children and youth – in the family, through kindergarten and school, and in the leisure arenas where children and youth otherwise frequent.

IoPT Intensiv

September 9 and 10, in central Oslo, for IoPT practitioners and -students.

Time 10 Am – 5 PM each day.

Together we will dive into the methodology of Self meetings with the Intention method.

Block the dates, and more information will come!

IoPT Conference

7-8 September 2023 in Oslo


It is not possible to register for this IoPT Conference. Stay tuned for the next one!

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