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"I want to live, love and be loved" with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Janaury 21 and 22, 2022

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Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk.

- Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert -

Seminar Prof. Dr. Ruppert

Welcome to the seminar with Dr. Franz Ruppert, January 20 and 21 in Oslo Concert Hall:
” I want to live, love and be loved”

The seminar is planned to be physical in Oslo Concert Hall, but it will also be possible to attend online.

Dr. Ruppert is internationally recognized for illuminating difficult topics with refreshing clarity and for his creative approaches to working with people and understanding ourselves. Now he will, in addition to his 2-day seminar with self-meetings for the participants (chosen by drawing) within IoPT – his groundbreaking self-developed trauma therapy – Identity oriented Psychotrauma theory and therapy, shed light on the latest developments within IoPT.

The seminar is held in english and will be easy to understand.

Time and date :
20 – 21 Januar 2022

Thursday 20 Januar: Seminar 9am – 6pm – one hour break – Lecture 7pm – 8.30pm

Friday 21 Januar: Seminar 9am – 4pm

Seminar Ruppert - IoPT Norway

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