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"I want to live, love and be loved" with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Janaury 20–22, 2022

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When our life energy is linked to warmth of heart, we flourish. The exterior fades and allows for true presence

- Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert -

Seminar Prof. Dr. Ruppert

Welcome to the seminar with Dr. Franz Ruppert, January 20–22:
” I want to live, love and be loved”

With the prevailing uncertainty surrounding Norwegian national entry restrictions and the covid situation, we need to move the seminar with Franz Ruppert to online. Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants the day before the seminar.

Time and date :

20–22 January 2022
Seminar  from 9am – 5pm all three days

You may participate 1,2 or 3 days as you choose.

The zoom link will be forwarded January 19th, and you log in when you want to.
Price for the seminar is the same, if you participate 1,2 or 3 days:  2400 NOK (Euro ca 240 €, USD ca 240 $)

Self encounter by lottery.

About the seminar

Dr. Ruppert is internationally recognized for illuminating difficult topics with refreshing clarity and for his creative approaches to working with people and understanding ourselves. Now he will, in addition to his 3-day seminar with self-meetings for the participants (chosen by drawing) within IoPT, shed light on his pioneering self-developed trauma theory – Identity oriented Psychotrauma theory and therapy, as well as the latest developments within IoPT.The seminar is based on Dr Rupert’s latest book “I want to live, love and be loved”

Franz Ruppert on why the search for one’s own identity is so important – especially in insecure times: Because the question: “Who am I really?” brings human into direct contact with unprocessed trauma. But to get closer to this inner truth, a basic knowledge of what a healthy psyche actually is, is needed.

This also makes it clear how many people are traumatized and defend themselves against self-knowledge by mostly dealing with what is outside oneself, and getting lost in talking and fighting. In other words, when one lives by an unconscious survival strategy, one becomes more and more entangled in other people and their stories that simply repeat the past instead of healing it.

It is about feeling one’s own wounds and no longer unconsciously holding back, for one’s own truth will be lived.

Seminar Ruppert - IoPT Norway

2400 NOK (USD 240)

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