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International advanced training in Munich

with Prof. Franz Ruppert

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With IoPT, Franz Ruppert has opened the door to our future.

- Stephen Gyllenhaal, Los Angeles -

International Training in Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory and – therapy (IoPT) and the Intention Method

With Dr Ruppert in Munich

Marta Thorsheim and her Institute for Traumawork is happy to welcome you to the 8th International Training Program in Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory and – therapy (IoPT) with Professor Dr Franz Ruppert in Munich, Germany. This training is for everyone who is IoPT informed and want to learn more.

The program is composed of five modules and will last for one year and a half, starting in February 2025 and ending in February 2026

Module 1:  February 6 – 8 The Human Psyche and what Psychotrauma means.

Module 2: June 26 – 28 Identity, Identifications, Attributions and The Trauma of Identity
Module 3: September 18 – 20  Love, Bonding  and The Trauma of Love
Module 4: December 11 – 13
 Sexuality and The Trauma of Sexuality

Module 5: February 5 – 7  Victim – Perpetrator dynamics

Time each module:
1st day: 9 am – 6 pm/2nd day: 9 am – 6 pm/3rd day: 9 am – 4 pm

Venue: Dr Rupper´s practice in Munich,

Englmannstr. 2 (2. OG), D-81673 München

When signing up, you book the complete program.


Fee and payment

The fee for the training program will be:
2 800 Euro. The fee covers the Training Program and coffee/tee and snacks/fruits in the breaks. Payment will be done by invoice.

The training is acknowledged as maintenance by The Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF) and as an update by The Norwegian Traumatherapist Association (NTF). The training may be eligible for Professional Development Credits or Professional Continuing Education Credits from other professional accreditation and licensing organizations.

Certificate of Participations, stating hours and topics, in the last module.

To book your place, kindly fill out the form or contact Marta Thorsheim at


In the five modules of this program, we will teach, reflect, and discuss the theory and do practical work with the intentions of the participants of the training. We will show group work as well as individual work.

If you wish, in addition to the training modules, you can participate in a supervision group with Marta Thorsheim  or one of her colleagues. In this case please contact Marta Thorsheim at



The objective of the program is that the participants shall reach a deeper understanding of Professor Rupperts groundbreaking theories and concepts on Identity development and how trauma does affect it. This refers to the development of our I and our will and all other psychic structures including the growth of our body. It will also be trained on how to work with the split personality structures induced by trauma. The key method is called Self Encounter by my Intention.

Theoretical framework

The program builds on professor Rupperts theoretical framework of an Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory – IoPT.

During the past 30 years, Professor Ruppert has devoted much of his work to get to a better understanding of the human psyche and the consequences that psychotrauma has on human beings and their relationships.

Based on established theories as well as his own research and through many therapy sessions with women and men, both in individual and group situations, he has developed a theoretical framework that he calls Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory (IoPT). This framework emanates from several theoretical building blocks and one practical method: The human psyche, identity, love, sexuality, the perpetrator-victim-dynamic, and the Intention Method.

In the past, we thought it must be the family or «the system» to work on. Today we know that only we can be our own point of reference for a substantial change. Therefore, our I must be the central focus for therapy. But what am I? How does it develop? What is blocking its development? And how does trauma affect it? What is the difference between a healthy identity and destructive forms of identification?

For lasting and sustainable changes to happen, deliberate decisions are needed. Therefore, in working with the Intention Method the will also play a very important role. And the question arises: How does our will develop? What promotes and what prevents its evolution? How do traumatic experiences influence the formation of a free human will?

How does a healthy and a free will interact with each other, and what happens when the survival I state together with the will to survive determines our behavior? These basic patterns have to be examined in detail using practical examples.

With whom do I want a relationship with? What is the work I really like to do? These questions regarding our identity and our own will are of central importance for our everyday life. How can we live in intimate relationships and in greater social unities, in constructive forms of love, and stay healthy? What can make the development of a healthy Identity so difficult or even impossible? What impact do experiences with traumatized mothers and fathers have on this? How do the trauma of love, early trauma, and perpetrator-victim dynamics form and split our identity? And what options are available to overcome the splits in our psyche?

During the training modules, we will learn what the benefits are, to have a closer look deep into the structure of our human psyche. Together we will gain new insights on how a lost healthy I can be re-established, and how we can come into emotional contact with our healthy free will to improve our own life and the life of those we are professionally dealing with.


The method by which we implement the insights and objectives of the identity-oriented Psychotraumatherapy, is called Self Encounter with my intention. This means the following: A person who wants to work therapeutically on him- or herself first considers his/her intention: What do I want to achieve through this work? What is my goal? What would I like to look at more closely? What is the next steps in my self-development?

When the intention is clear, the client is asked to write it on a whiteboard or a flip-chart. The intention is now for him and for all others visible and works as the basis for the now following self-encounter process. The person who is going to work on herself selects persons from the group to resonate with the different parts of the intention, first nonverbal and then by asking them one by one about their experiences in the resonance. Step by step the underlying issues of her/his traumabiorgaphy show up and can be brought into a healing process. So a sustainable change process can take place in our psyche and body.

The Intention Method can also be applied in individual work when only the person and the therapist are present.

Recommended reading

Publications in English and Norwegian by Franz Ruppert, most books also published also in other languages:

  • Self Encounters and the Intention Method.  The Practice of IoPT.
  • Trauma & Identity by Vivian Brougthon (Green Balloon Publishing)
  • I want to live, love and be loved. 
  • Love, Desire and Psychotrauma. Towards a healthy sexual identity.
  • Who am I in a Traumatised and Traumatising society? (Norwegian, English and Spanish 2019)
  • Min kropp, mine traumer, mitt jeg. (IT mai 2018)
  • My Body, My Trauma, My I. (Green Baloon Publishing October 2018)
  • Barndomstraumer (IT – 2015)
  • Early Trauma (Green Balloon Publishing 2017)
  • Traumer, frykt og kjærlighet (IT 2013).
  • Trauma, fear and love (Green Balloon Publishing 2015)
  • Symbiose og Autonomi: Fra usunn til sunn selvstendighet (norsk utgave 2012, nytt opplag 2016).
  • Symbiosis and Autonomy: Symbiotic Trauma – Love Beyond Entanglement (Green Balloon Publishing 2012).
  • Splits in the Soul: Integrating Traumatic Experiences (Green Balloon Publishing 2011)
  • Forstå dine sår i sjelen. Traumer, tilknytning og familiekonstellasjoner (norsk utgave 2013, Flux).
  • Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellations: Understanding and Healing Injuries of the Soul (Green Balloon Publishing 2008).

Find all the English books here:

For books in Norwegian: Visit our bookstore

International advanced training with Dr. Ruppert

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