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Psycho Trauma Training - IoPT

Helping yourself while learning to help others

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With IoPT, Franz Rupert has opened the door to our future. Marta Thorsheim helps us through that door with grace and wisdom!

- Stephen Gyllenhaal, Los Angeles -


Level 1: Basic Training (only in Norwegian)

Students get own resonance process and introduction to Franz Ruppert’s theories. Provides the opportunity for deep insights and learning in groups of like-minded people. 8 modules in the undergraduate program qualify for Advanced Training (Level 2).

Level 2: Advanced Training

Specialization in Franz Rupperts IoPT and in-depth insight into modern trauma theory and treatment, for adults, adolescents and children / families. Each module has its own theme, good academic lectures, own resonance process for the individual in each module, as well as practice in leading resonance processes.

Level 3: International Advanced Training

The latest developments in IoPT. Suitable for those who are trauma therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or otherwise working with trauma. The program in Munich is with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert. The program in Oslo is with Marta Thorsheim and follows our international advanced training in Munich.

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I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the remarkable work of Marta Thorsheim in IoPT, and to experience personally the impact of this modality.

– Dr. Gabor Maté –