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Interview with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert: – Almost everyone is traumatized


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Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert’s lecture in Los Angeles (August 2019)


See the slides from from Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert's lecture in Los Angeles from August 16th 2019: Narcissism or Healthy Identity? Content: What does "Narcissism“ mean? “Narcissistic Personality Disorder“ (NPD)…

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The Roots of Identity In Utero: Transgenerational trauma


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Gabor Maté: Transgenerational trauma, stressed environment and child’s diagnosis


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Gabor Maté: How chronic symptoms can be healed given the right circumstance


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Video: ID sessions explained


See this video made by The Institute for Identity Development in cooperation with IoPT Norway. Stephen Gyllenhaal is a film director and former student on our advanced training program.

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What It Means to Have a Trauma of Identity – Q&A


What It Means to Have a Trauma of Identity The experience of early-childhood trauma is often defined by what you can’t consciously remember. But it’s stored in the body, which…

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Research on IoPT. Would you like to participate?


Lund University in Sweden, and researcher Sigrid Stjernswäld, has initiated a research project within IoPT. Below you will find information about the research project in English. If you have experience…

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Lecture: Psychotrauma and Medicine


Lecture with Dr. Med. Harald Banzhaf at the international trauma conference. Download presentation (pdf)

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More on the theory behind IoPT


Oslo lecture. Podcast Franz Ruppert [audio mp3=""][/audio]   The imprint  – Gabor Maté with others  – excerpts from the film In Utero:   Thomas R.Verny – «still face» experiment–excerpts from…

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Who am I in a Traumatised Society?


Who am I in a Traumatised Society? Lecture with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert May 4th 2018 in London. Download presentation (pdf)

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Excerpts from Dr. Gabor Maté – 2 Days in Oslo


Dr. Gabor Maté on constellations Order USB stick with Dr. Gabor Maté's lecture: Illness and health in a toxic society Dr. Gabor Maté: How chronic symptoms can be healed given…

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Franz Ruppert lecture: Human Sexuality


Desire, stress or terror? Human Sexuality defined by Identity oriented Traumatheory (IoPT) Modul 3 of International Training Munich, 2nd to 4th of November 2017

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Importance of Psychotrauma studies for professionals – Interview with Marta Thorsheim


Marta Thorsheim interviewed by Christine Wong

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Mother’s Stress Affects Baby Through Amniotic Fluid


  It is always nice to be able to share research that confirms what we meet in Identity processes with the intention method (IoPT). As we understand how early influence…

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert


 Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert interviewed by Helge Max Jahns: Self Encounter with the Sentence of Intention

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The bonds between mother and child are much stronger than the researchers have believed


Recent research has shown that the mother during pregnancy gets cells from the fetus. At the same time, the baby gets cells from the mother. Fetal cells can protect the…

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The Telegraph: Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors


Memories may be passed down through generations in DNA in a process that may be the underlying cause of phobias, according to this article from The Telegraph. Memories can be…

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Mirror neurons: Enigma of the metaphysical modular brain


  Mirror neurons are central in our therapy method and in our theory. In addition, it is one of the research fields that comes with ever new discoveries, exciting and…

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