The Corona Pandemic Mania – Who am I in a traumatised society?

Dr. Franz Ruppert
19 March 2020

What is going on here?

It is unbelievable to me that in a time when we all have the internet, when in principle everyone can access a wealth of information on any particular subject, a handful of virologists with their one-sided conventional medical viewpoint still dominate the thinking of most people and also now the actions of our politicians. They say that a new kind of virus has emerged that spreads rapidly through interpersonal contact and that it will, as statistics predict, wipe out a swathe of the population in the not too distant future. However, at the moment only one of the many viruses has been given a name that laypeople can even pronounce and that’s ‘Corona’. Corona viruses, which must constantly mutate in order to gain access to human cells, have long been known to virologists. There is no evidence, and certainly no proof, that the newly mutated virus is more dangerous to human health than other influenza or rhinoviruses. Even Hendrik Streeck, an  acknowledged corona virus specialist from Germany, sees no evidence that this current virus type (SA-Covid-19) is particularly dangerous. So what is going on here? Why are politicians all over the world, and not just in Germany, sending their whole society to the wall?

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