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Who am I?

IoPT Training, Seminars and Therapy

Welcome to IoPT Norway!



Advanced training and International advanced training with in-depth insight into modern trauma theory and treatment.

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Experience identity sessions – IoPT- with Marta Thorsheim in Oslo, Norway. Group setting of about 10 people.

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Upcoming and previous lectures and presentations with leading IoPT teachers.

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I highly recommend Marta’s IoPT seminar to everyone.

- Dr. Gabor Maté -


Buy film on USB stick from 2 Days in Oslo with Maté and Ruppert

Order video on memory (USB) stick from 2 Days in Oslo with Maté: Illness and health in a toxic society, and Ruppert: Psychotrauma Biography and how to step out.

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Advanced Training in Identity Oriented Psychotraumatheory and – Therapy (IoPT)

The objective of the programme is to provide a thorough insight into modern trauma theory and treatment for adults, adolescents and children/families. You will learn how trauma affects identity development, the development of our free will, and all other mental structures, including body development and growth.

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Marta Thorsheim interview - Q&A session

In this interview from January 2019, Thorsheim answers questions such as "What It Means to Have a Trauma of Identity?", "How do you define trauma?" and "Can you take us through what happens in these sessions?".

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Webinar with Dr Franz Ruppert 18-19. sept.

2 days with Dr Franz Ruppert.

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Advanced Training in IoPT

The latest developments in IoPT. Suitable for those who are trauma therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or otherwise working with trauma.

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All we need to process is stored in our body and our psyche and appears in the IoPT session when we need it.

– Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert - founder IoPT –


Marta Thorsheim, Head of IoPT Norway

An institute for updated knowledge and methodology in the field of trauma work

I am passionate about making available knowledge on early trauma and how they affect each one of us and the society as a whole - how we can process trauma in a safe and gentle way - and how we as a society can make choices that prevent trauma and support healthy identity development.

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In 45 years of work, no therapist, practitioner or doctor has come close to being as effective for me as Marta Thorsheim.

- Stephen Gyllenhaal, Los Angeles -