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IoPT Intensive

13th of May - 2024

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There is a field beyond good and bad; I`ll meet you there

- Rumi -

IoPT Intensive

IoPT Intensive

On May 13th, we invite you to one day of inspiration and immersion in Self-Meetings with the Intention Method, in our course premises at Schafteloekken, by Frogner parken. Time: 10AM - 6PM. Tram and bus to Frogner plass.

The seminar is inspired by Franz Ruppert's lecture and selfencounters  at the conference.

Together, we will hold self-encounters, reflect and examine the concept of the logic of healing.

What contradictions in the psyche did we observe?

Can healing be promoted?

What prerequisites apply for self-meetings to be healing?

The therapist's assumptions, resonance givers, intention giver, the group.
Inspired by Franz new book: Self - Encounters & the Intention Method. The Practice of IoPT.

Warmly welcome 💞

IoPT Intensive

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