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Who am I in a traumatized society?

Lecture and workshop

In one session, I was guided to the very core issue in my life, in a deeper way than I had experienced before.

- Dr. Gabor Maté -

Marta Thorsheim in Los Angeles: Lecture and workshop

“Who am I in a Traumatized Society? Victim-perpetrator Dynamics and the Way Out,”  with Marta Thorsheim, director and founder of the Institute for Traumawork, Norway.

February 22-23 2020 – Marta Thorsheim will be giving her second workshop in Los Angeles

2 Days with Scandinavia’s renowned IoPT Therapist and Trainer, Marta Thorsheim.

For the past 25 years Marta Thorsheim has met with clients and workshop participants, to support the enhancements of the healthy aspects of their psychological dynamics, recognizing survival mechanisms and meeting traumatized parts with compassion and love.

Marta Thorsheim is also co-writer of Dr. Ruppert’s previous book, Early Trauma.

This is an open workshop in Los Angeles for anyone interested in Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert’s groundbreaking theories and practice as supported and refined by Ms. Thorsheim.

All of their books will be available at the workshop.

Marta’s focus will be on starting to relieve the pain from which so many of us suffer, as well as coming to experience and understand the cause of this pain and the cause of their joy.

*Early Bird pricing of $450 available until 07/01/19. Purchase nonrefundable after 07/01/19.

Price $500

Early Bird $450

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