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The Psyche as a Living Organism

Videreutdanning - Modul 1

I highly recommend Marta’s seminar to counselors, therapists and all those working in health care.

- Dr. Gabor Maté -

Marta Thorsheim i Los Angeles: Modul 1

Examining the latest development and general aspects in IoPT. Development of Identity. The phases of a session- in one-to-one settings and/or in group settings.

ID sessions, lecture and reflections.

Maximum participants for the training module: 40

Price $650

We warmly welcome you to an exciting and rewarding program, where you help yourself while learning to help others.

The objective of the program is to provide a thorough insight into modern trauma theory and treatment for adults, adolescents and children/families. You will learn how trauma affects identity development, the development of our free will, and all other mental structures, including body development and growth. The training also includes the different trauma types and their characteristics as well as how to deal with split parts after traumatization.

  • Prevention, treatment and way out of traumatic stress.
  • Integrated trauma and attachment psychology. Developmental Psychology.
  • Developmental trauma and other traumatization.
  • The consequences of traumatic stress, prevention and repair.
  • Consequences for health, kindergarten, school and drug treatment.
  • Trauma-based care.

The program consist of 12 weekend modules (4 days each) over the course of one year and a half.  Admittance is open to anyone with a background in health, educational or social work, or IoPT basic course, which is now available through the Institute in Los Angeles – Tuesday afternoons and/or Wednesday mornings.

Marta Thorsheim’s Module One will be presented in Los Angeles. Participants will then be able to continue with the remaining modules in Oslo as well as continuing to train in Los Angeles through the Institute.

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