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Marta Thorsheim i Vancouver

Seminar 14. - 16. februar 2020

This is an extraordinary opportunity to assist in your own integration and healing alongside one of the most skilled trauma-informed facilitators in the world.

- Laura J Widman, arrangør -

Marta Thorsheim i Vancouver

We warmly welcome you to an exciting and rewarding experiential workshop with Marta Thorsheim!
Marta is an internationally renowned expert in Identity-oriented PsychoTrauma (IoPT) and works closely with founder Dr. Franz Ruppert.

The objective of the program is to provide a thorough insight into modern trauma theory and treatment for people of all ages. Through lecture and personal work you will discover how trauma impacts the development of our identity, free will, as well as physical and mental growth. The training includes the characteristics of the different trauma types as well as how to integrate split parts after traumatization.

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